English born Anthony Turnham is a professional photographer who is lucky enough to live in Christchurch, situated in the South Island of beautiful New Zealand.  Surrounded by wonderful scenery Anthony has excelled in getting out and about in the New Zealand countryside and capturing what wonderful New Zealand has to offer.

Originally a fine art painter, Anthony Turnham started getting serious about photography in the late 1990s.  “I was drawn to photography because of the immediacy of the results. I used to spend hours upon hours creating paintings that were photorealistic – then it dawned on me.  Why not just take a photo?”  Due to the fact that our eyes can see colours and shades to a degree that is just not possible for the camera to record, Anthony often found himself disappointed by the results. “I was finding that the photos I was taking just weren’t reflective of what I was actually seeing and feeling whilst I was there.”

Anthony Turnham’s photography is representative of the beauty he sees all around him. As a youngster he was fortunate enough to visit some of the prestigious galleries in London and Paris. This encouraged a passion and obsession with creating beautiful images through photography.

“When we are presented with a fantastic view or an amazing landscape we can be stirred emotionally as the very essence of the scene resonates with us.  I am enthralled by the challenge of capturing this beauty through the lens of my camera.”

The images you see on this website are a result of not just great photography but also a blend of creative digital techniques. Anthony captures the images with high end professional photographic equipment and then lets his artistic and creative side takeover to recreate through print what he was seeing and feeling at the time he was immersed in the landscape.  “I try and work the images so that they have the most impact possible, incorporate a sense of artistry, whilst remaining faithful to the environment in which they were taken.  Getting the balance right is a tricky process but ultimately the photography speaks for itself.”